Arrange a Scenic Flight over Ohio’s beautiful North Coast today. We offer several options beginning at only $90. FCS has two modern two seat gliders that are used for scenic flights and lessons and can accommodate passengers up to about 245 lbs. All scenic flights are piloted by qualified instructors, or licensed pilots.

  • Our Standard Flight is towed to 3,000 feet, lasts about 20 minutes and costs $90.

  • Our Mile High Adventure is towed to 5,280 feet giving a much longer flight and more time to admire the views! It costs $195.

Included with your Scenic Flight fees is a 30 day FCS membership. This membership allows you to take additional flights with a qualified pilot for only the cost of a tow, typically $29. You can also choose to fly with a certified flight instructor for a small additional fee and begin working toward becoming a licensed glider pilot. Take flying lessons, or just enjoy the scenery, it’s up to you. Visit the About Us tab for details on fees and how to become a full FCS member.

Remember to bring you camera… the views are amazing!

Standard 3,000' Flight - $90 ea

additional party members - $75 ea

Mile High Adventure - $195 ea

additional party members - $150 ea


Your flight begins on the runway, attached by a line to the tow plane. When everything is ready the tow plane accelerates pulling the glider behind. In a few seconds, you become airborne and you are on your way!



FCS uses a Piper Pawnee tow plane to quickly pull the gliders to the chosen altitude. At the desired altitude, the glider pilot releases the rope and banks away from the tow plane. Everything becomes quiet and smooth.


Time seems to slow as you take in the beautiful scenery. Unlike a power plane, you can carry on a normal conversation without a headset. By riding columns of warm, rising air gliders are capable of staying aloft for hours all without a motor! This is pure flight, “seat of the pants” flying!


All good things eventually come to an end and when ready to land, the glider pilot will enter the landing pattern and prepare to land. Glider pilots are trained to manage the airspeed, altitude and descent rate to safely return to the airport. Depending on conditions, you may land on the paved runway, or on the grass strip.


Ortner Airport (I64)

9620 OH-60

Wakeman, OH 44889

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