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Become a better pilot by adding a glider rating to your current certificate. At Fun Country Soaring, one of the Mid-west’s premier glider clubs, you can add a glider rating very affordably. All the skills our instructors will teach you to become a glider pilot, decision making, energy management, speeds to fly, etc. are beneficial to powered flight and are invaluable if you ever suffer an engine failure. After all, in a glider, landing without an engine is the norm.

Basic requirements are 10 solo flights after solo sign off by an instructor and no written test is required. Getting the glider rating counts as a flight review and it’s a bunch of fun!

Fun Country soaring is a private club that was established to make soaring fun and affordable. We are located just South of Vermillion, Ohio at Ortner airport, making us a great destination for both training and a vacation! Camping, fishing and boating are only a few miles away.

Check FAR Part 61 for transition requirements.


Add-On Rating

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