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2020 Season Update (COVID-19)

Updated May 13, 2020 To all FCS members and club interests,

We held another board meeting on Zoom last night and discussed what is needed to resume flight operations under the constraints of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point we believe operations will begin before the end of the month if proper precautions and procedures are in place. We are finalizing the COVID-19 specific procedures and we expect them to be based on a common sense approach that maximizes safety of the members and guests while keeping the negative impacts to a minimum. We expect to be spraying the commonly touched surfaces with disinfectants. That includes the tow plane and gliders when there is a pilot change. We will encourage hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers. Face masks will be required while flying dual in the G-103 and L-23. We will also practice social distancing. The good news is the full list of procedures should be effective, but not too intrusive. We also discussed the upcoming safety meeting and decided that it will be conducted on Zoom. This has worked well for our board meetings and it will allow us to reach more members quickly.  We will be sending a notice about the meeting and directions for using Zoom to members this week. Normally we are just dealing with weather, but this year has been unique. We’ll be flying soon, and by following safe practices the virus should have a minimal impact on FCS operations. FCS Board of Directors

George Coleman President Fun Country Soaring


Updated May 7, 2020

To all FCS members and club interests,

We wanted to touch base with all of you to let you know what we are doing in anticipation of the flying season. Unfortunately, we are currently under the state order to remain closed, but the board is meeting to formulate plans for safe operations in anticipation of the order being lifted. At this point, the order is in place until May 30th unless modified before that date.

In preparation for the resumption of flight operations in some form, work is being done on the fleet. The annual on the Pawnee is complete and it is ready to go. The annuals for all gliders are good until the end of June. We are planning a safety meeting, probably using Zoom. This has worked well for the board meetings so it seems to be a good option for the safety meeting.

We will keep you informed about the safety meeting and changes to our operating procedures and we should have another update out to you next week. Please understand that as we reopen, we will follow all federal, state and local guidelines with the aim of minimizing exposure to the COVID-19 virus and to operate as safely as possible. 2020 is bringing many challenges, but with everyone’s understanding and cooperation we will get through this.

FCS Board of Directors

George Coleman


Fun Country Soaring

Pawnee getting final run up for annual beside turbine at Ortner for crop dusting. 5/1/20.

Image: Ken B.

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My name is Frederick Howe. I reside in Akron Ohio, but have lived and grown up

in Lorain and Erie counties. My age is 65.....

I have always wanted to train to pilot a sailplane .

If possible, could someone contact me with more

information about the club and your operation


Thank you, (in advance)!

cell numher: 330/400-7969


Replying to

Hello Frederick!

First off, apologies in there not being a reply to this a lot sooner. This comment feature was new to us and the website and unfortunately not being monitored. Also apologies if you happened to receive any notifications for test comments recently. I do hope that you were able to reach out to the club via one of the other contact methods listed below or on the Contact page and had any of your questions answered. Please feel free to let us know here or with one of those other methods, if you have any further questions.

Thank you!

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